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The Touchstone Process

Nowadays, there are hundreds of scientific articles that are related to the science and study of Reiki. This is great news, because it shows that it’s no longer estigmatized to investigate the forces and frequencies involved with something so intangible. But on the downside, the problem with studying something so eluding, is that it’s hard to determine the best approach in order to have significative and trustable results.

In other words, it’s not easy deciding which of those peer-reviewed studies has enough quality in order to be taken into consideration.

This is why William Lee Rand has created the Center for Reiki Research, a website that gathers information about the most relevant Reiki articles so far. This is determined by applying the Touchstone Process.


Strictly speaking, the Touchstone Process is a method that analyzes a group of scientific studies in a particular field. This was made possible thanks to the Founder of the Center for Reiki Research, William Lee Rand.

He aimed to gather the most significative scientific research regarding Reiki, making it available for general public.


You could say that the collaborators are quite a Dream Team regarding the scientific aspect of Reiki. As stated before, the founder is William Lee Rand, and he organized the collaboration of referents such as:

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The Center for Reiki Research website allows you to subscribe for free, this grants you access to their publications, as well as information about the situation of Reiki in many Hospitals in the USA and the UK.

Also, you can get information about a very ambitious project of them, which is a Large-scale survey, where more than 1,000 Reiki sessions have been studied, and whose results are very interesting.

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The Center for Reiki Research has applied the Touchstone Process in order to systematically analyze published, peer-reviewed publications about the mechanisms of action and efectiveness of Reiki. The results are accessible for free to the public via online, and a review of 26 scientific articles about Reiki is available since 2010.

So, go to their website and create an account, it’s free!