Reiki is an energy healing technique that focuses on channeling the external energy towards the patient. It seems that the human biofield and the chakras are related to it, and the specific energies are low frequency magnetic emissions. This low frequencies might be a pattern that is also repeated on the Schumann Resonances.

The public interest is growing exponentially, even though many still consider it as pseudotherapy and/or pseudoscience. This is because it is very difficult to scientifically demonstrate its mechanisms of action.

Science on Reiki

In this blog, I write about different scientific approaches, several suggestions about its mechanisms of effect, and the clinical fields that show more effectiveness. Also, we need to update certain physiologic functions regarding our biofields in order to study energy therapies properly; as well as accepting that modern science has its own limits.

Reiki in Hospitals

Also, I review the presence of Reiki in hospitals along the world. Several Top Hospitals in the USA, such as the Mayo Clinic, the Johns Hopkins, and the MD Anderson Cancer Center, are displaying it among their respective Integrative Care Programs.

Besides those Hospitals, there are many posts that show the status of Reiki in several countries around the World, like Canada, the UK, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and more that are yet to come.

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Reiki for AnimalsPixabay

Reiki for Animals

In Reiki for animals we have some differences to take into consideration. The best news is that with them, you can get better results than with humans.
Cuddlers Program

More Reiki, cuddling, and music, and fewer opioids

The Concord Hospital has decreased the use of opioids in patients with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Agni Profile Pic

My Experience at the Agni Spirit Festival

This Festival is about the nourishment of the Body, Mind, and Soul; and where you feel part of a very diverse -and at the same time, inclusive-, Tribe.
Touchstone Process Feature Image

The Touchstone Process

The Touchstone Process is the name of a project which was designed to rate the scientific research done about Reiki. Its results are available online.
Reiki Awards Feature

Awards given to Reiki in Hospitals Programs

Trusts and Associations that provide Reiki into clinics and hospitals are already being awarded because of the benefits that they provide to the patients.
What is Reiki Feature Hands

So, what is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique, whose effects are given through energy channeling, and ultimately it's a self-knowledge tool.
Reiki en Chile

Reiki in Chile (2018)

Chile is the American country with the most practice of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, and Reiki is one of its most used therapies.
Reiki Massage Feature

Is Reiki a Massage Therapy?

There are many people and websites that use the term "reiki massage", which I don't consider accurate. This is why I did some basic research to understand why this energy healing technique is being associated with a physical pressure treatment.
Reiki Brazil

Reiki in Brazil (2018)

Reiki in Brazil is a therapy endorsed by Federal laws that acknowledge the effectiveness of energy medicine practices, this is why so many Hospitals in Brazil have integrated this therapy as an alternative and complementary option.
Sam Buxton Feature

The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust

The broad list of hospitals in which they fund Reiki healers and their Healing in Hospitals Learning Course is what makes this Trust so important.
Reiki Argentina

Reiki in Argentina (2018)

Reiki therapy is booming in Argentina. In a growing number of hospitals, Integrative Care is now acknowledged as standard care.
Reiki Mexico

Reiki in Mexico (2018)

Reiki therapy in Mexico is slowly gaining presence, not only in hospitals but also in trusts; and even has been object of study in some scientific essays.
Reiki Australia Feature

Reiki in Australian Hospitals and Palliative Care Centres (2018)

Australian Healthcare and Palliative Care combine state of the art technology along with Reiki and other energy therapies, in order to provide the best outcome for patients.
Top Cancer Hospitals

Reiki and USA’s Top 3 Cancer Hospitals

All Top 3 Cancer Hospitals in the USA have Integrative Medicine Programs that are providing, -or have provided- Reiki Therapy towards the patients and in some settings even to medical staff.
Reiki UK

Reiki in the United Kingdom (2018)

The United Kingdom is a leading country regarding integration and amplification of the medical services and therapeutic options. This is why Reiki in the UK is a growing reality.
Reiki Canada

Reiki and Hospitals in Canada (2017)

Over the past 10 years Canada has doubled the use of alternative therapies, nowadays almost half of its population use them for well-being or for treatment.
Reiki Portugal

Reiki in Portugal (2017)

Portugal is on the rise! Recently winning the Eurovision Contest, but more importantly: offering reiki therapy in many public and private hospitals.
Reiki Spain

Reiki and Spanish Hospitals (2017)

Only in Madrid there are at least 12 hospitals and 14 healthcare facilities where Reiki is available to a diverse sort of patients and personnel. Important cities like Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia are also embracing this tecnique.
Healing Healer

Healing the Healer: Reiki for Healthcare Providers

Several hospitals already display biotherapies for their own staff. Sometimes we must focus on healing the healers, so they can perform in their top state.
biofield on cell culture

Avoiding Placebo: Biofield therapies on non-human recipients

In 2012 seven top-notch biofield scientists reunited in a Symposium which was part of the International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health in Portland, Oregon. They discussed the present and future of biofield research.
Cortisol Energy

Reiki and Cortisol

Even though the Relaxation Response is enhanced during a Reiki therapy, this doesn’t always mean a low cortisol level.
Reiki and Pain

Reiki and Pain management

Research on pain control and modulation when applying Reiki is giving promising results. The relaxation response and pain might be linked.
Reiki Top Hospitals Feature Image

Reiki is reaching the Top Hospitals

From the Mayo Clinic (USA) to the NHS (UK), to federal laws in Argentina and Brazil. Reiki therapy is steadily gaining presence in top hospitals around the world.
Reiki Frequencies

Reiki Frequencies and Schumann Resonances

¿How does Reiki work? The scientific research on Reiki suggests that the channeling phenomenon goes along electromagnetic biofields and low frequencies.