Reiki therapy is being integrated into the United Kingdom’s health system as there is evidence that indicates that patients benefit from it.

The trusts are doing an awesome job integrating Reiki into the therapeutic plans of any type of patients, but as always the focus and principal benefits are coming from cancer and pain management patients.

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Touchstone Process Feature Image

The Touchstone Process

The Touchstone Process is the name of a project which was designed to rate the scientific research done about Reiki. Its results are available online.
Sam Buxton Feature

The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust

The broad list of hospitals in which they fund Reiki healers and their Healing in Hospitals Learning Course is what makes this Trust so important.
Reiki UK

Reiki in the United Kingdom (2018)

The United Kingdom is a leading country regarding integration and amplification of the medical services and therapeutic options. This is why Reiki in the UK is a growing reality.