Quantum theory explains the subatomic world. Nowadays many experiments are being done in order to understand it. It seems that Quantum Theory is necesary in order to understand Consciousness.

Specifically, Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences is supervising the Global Consciousness Project and the Entangled Photons study. The first one focused on the link between emotion and matter, the second one is designed to analyze the link between emotion and matter.

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Human Electromagnetic Field III

Human Electromagnetism: Frontiers and Theories

A brief selection and description of missing parts of the puzzle regarding human electromagnetism theories.
Brain Consciousness Human

Consciousness Overview

What is Consciousness? How many different scientific fields and approaches are being done in order to understand it? Integration seems to be key.
Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Theory and Consciousness

Quantum Theory has proven that human consciousness affects matter. The Double Slit experiment demonstrates that a conscious system determines if a photon behaves as a particle or as a wave. And some theories say that the brain behaves as a quantum processor.
Entangled Photons

Entangled Photons – The Link between Intention and Matter

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has started an online study (Entangled Photons) where anyone anywhere can participate. You just need a device and an internet access.