Prana is the sanskrit word for “life force” or “vital energy”. Sinonims are its chinese version Chi, and its japanese version Qi. Prana has some relationship with the channeling phenomenon, and this might be realized at low frequencies and through the bioelectromagnetism of the healer.


I am one with the Qi Human Frequencies

I am one with the Qi, the Qi is with me

How my inner conflict between reason and intuition ended up with a mutual agreement of cooperation among these two opposite perspectives.
Reiki Frequencies

Reiki Frequencies and Schumann Resonances

¿How does Reiki work? The scientific research on Reiki suggests that the channeling phenomenon goes along electromagnetic biofields and low frequencies.
Electromagnetic Human Field Feature

The Electromagnetic Human Field

Basic principles of how the human body communicates with electrochemical information and emits a corresponding magnetic field.