In this blog, the fundamental frequency will be referred as the 7 to 8 Hertz frequency range that has been found at some scientific trials, this makes one think that channeling might be embedded in this frequency.

Furthermore, at some posts will be shown how the Fundamental Frequency of the Schumann Resonances is also 7.8 Hertz.

The fundamental frequency has also been detected at the experiments done by Dr. Michael Persinger; his several studies are focused on proving that telepathy is able to happen thanks to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Amazingly, this connection is strongest when the brain resonates at 7.8 Hz.


Biofield Human Frequencies

Biofields and Consciousness Systems

The brain and the heart are the principal low-frequency waves generators in the body, and there is a clear exchange of energy and/or information through these frequencies. Furthermore, the enteric nervous system has been recognized as “the second brain”.
reiki science

Reiki Frequencies and Schumann Resonances

¿How does Reiki work? The scientific evidence suggests a tendency to believe that the channeling might have to do with low frequencies of the body.