Polarity and electric currents are embedded in every human being. This leads to new theories requiring scientific evidence of bioelectricity.

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Hand-holding Feature Pic

Hand-holding as a benefit against pain and stress

Hand-holding promotes brain and heart synchronization, pain reduction, as well as a relaxation response in both persons.
Original photo by Francois Libert on Foter. Image slightly modified.

Rewiring Bioelectric Patterns

The flatworm has a superpower, and scientists were able to shift the bioelectric pattern of this organism, with shocking results.
Human Electromagnetic Field III

Human Electromagnetism: Frontiers and Theories

A brief selection and description of missing parts of the puzzle regarding human electromagnetism theories.

The Human Electromagnetic Field – II

Revision of the main organs and systems of the human body that create electromagnetic forces, such as the heart, the brain, and the gut.
Electric proteins

Electric Proteins at the Doors of the Cell

Scientists from USA and Hungary have measured electric conductance through an isolated protein that normally is located at the outer membrane of the cell.
Living Matrix

The Living Matrix

Cells communicate and send signals along the cytoskeleton, crossing the cell membrane and reaching any part of the body through the connective tissue.

Semiconduction and Tensegrity

A new physiology of bioenergy requires adopting these two concepts. Tensegrity as the molecular scaffolding which permits semiconduction to happen, this latter as an electronic information system, which is very different from normal neural communication.

Neuromelanin rising

At one of the far corners of tyrosine's methabolic pathway lays neuromelanin, a molecule that seems to have detoxifying properties.
Electromagnetic Human Field Feature

The Human Electromagnetic Field – I

Basic principles of how the human body creates electricity, communicates with it, and emits a corresponding magnetic field.