Spirituality Trending


by Eugenio Lepine

It hit me when I was walking at some trendy barrio of Barcelona and saw the display window of a fashion store. The mannequin had a yoga posture, with one leg on the floor, the other knee was bent, and the hands in Gassho position, I even squinted a little in order to process what I was seeing. After consulting a Yoga friend, she told me that this is the Vriksasana or the Tree Pose. Obviously, this spiritual mannequin was covered with stylish expensive clothes.

Some years ago a couple of friends had a clothing store, and they told me that most of their sales come from the display window at the front. The pieces that are at the front window end up making more than 50% of the sales. Knowing that, and also knowing that the trendy store at the trendy barrio has a big knowledge and use of marketing strategies, we can assume that this mannequin is no experiment or anything related. They totally know what they are doing.

Spirituality and energy healing practices are trending and booming. So much that they are becoming a marketing target. And there is an explanation for this, and it’s quite simple. This is because:

Our consciousness is evolving, we as a collective are resonating more with the frequencies from the Earth and the Universe. We are gaining awareness of the power of our thoughts, awareness of our actions and its consequences and impact to the planet, and awareness of our hidden potentials.

Nowadays, it is common to have friends that do Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Shiatsu, Akashic Records, and this is no longer considered as weirdo practices. We are no longer living in the 80’s. Now I hear words like “chakras” and like “karma” coming out from kids, from kids!!! In my childhood this never happened. Even scientists are more open into researching about Reiki and Energy Medicine. 

There is an interesting article that even questions if there exists an economic crystal bubble because selling crystals is now becoming a very profitable business. An expert even states that this is a billion-dollar industry. Crystals are being worn and used by celebrities, crystal outlets are opening up everywhere; and even a giant like Target, in the USA, is selling crystals.

Awareness Loading

But we are still at the beginning of the process. This is why Spirituality is working as a marketing target. Because the shift started yesterday, and it is still superficial on many levels, like buying clothes from a mannequin that is doing an Asana at a stylish store in a trendy barrio, or posting your crystals on Instagram, sharing Mindfulness and Meditation events on Facebook (especially if I don’t attend to them), or the easiest one: posting and sharing inspirational quotes through social media.

I must confess that some years ago, I went through a phase of this last one. On a daily basis, I shared inspirational quotes with a background image of a sunset or the Great Canyon and had this empty feeling of being sooo enlightened and helping my friends reaching enlightenment as well. Thankfully, now I am not such a spiritual poser on social media. Nowadays I am in a phase where I like to post funny stuff, because laughing is important, right?

Don’t get me wrong, that mannequin means great news. But it’s also an indicator that we still have a long way to go. The goal is that someday Spirituality will be so deep within us that it would be ridiculous to use it as a marketing strategy.

This is like when you get happy by looking at a chrysalis, which previously was a larva, and is in the process of becoming a butterfly. So it’s cool, because the display windows of the trendy stores represent ourselves as a chrysalis.

Chrysalis Butterfly

Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/x73UU5M