Reiki UK


by Eugenio Lepine

The United Kingdom has always been at the forefront of technology and integration. This is why Reiki therapy is being integrated into the health system; all along the evidence that indicates that patients benefit from it, despite the lack of information about its mechanisms of action and despite the resistance from part of the media and medical community.


This is the biggest cancer research and awareness charity in the United Kingdom nowadays. They dedicate to fundraise and support scientists, doctors, and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. This association also provides cancer information to the public. They have a complete Reiki page that provides definitions, several studies about its effectiveness and also links to several Reiki organizations.

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This hospital has a new oncology unit which provides Reiki healing as part of their cancer treatment. They are aware that cancer needs attention towards pain management, anxiety, and stress, and all those are very well-documented benefits of Reiki. As is explained at the website: “the Reiki treatment is open to cancer patients and those with life-threatening illness and their carers or family members who are referred by healthcare professionals”.


This prestigious centre has a complementary therapy team within the Macmillan Support and Information Service. Although the team is employed by the NHS, much of their funding comes through several Trusts, and these Trusts get their funding through charitable donations.

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When creating this article I found out that the trusts are the ones responsible for such great integration of Reiki among clinical settings and therapeutic plans.

The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust is a non-profit association that supports cancer patients and their families by providing funds to employ Complementary Therapists (Healers) in the NHS and Hospices.

They have funded or are funding therapists at:

  • The previously mentioned Furness General Hospital
  • University College London Hospital
  • Addenbrookes Cambridge
  • Princess Alexandra’s Epping
  • Kent & Canterbury Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Welwyn Garden City
  • St Joseph’s Hospice Hackney
  • St Mary’s Hospice Ulverston
  • Wigan NHS Trust
  • Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
  • Eden Valley Hospice, Cumbria, and
  • St Johns Hospice, Lancaster, among many others.

The Southampton University Hospital offers Reiki as part of its oncology treatment. Sessions are done at the Day Care Center (also supported by the NHS Trust).

Finally, Dori-Michelle Beeler has written the book “An Ethnographic Account of Reiki Practice in Britain”, whose appendix displays a list of 21 trusts that offer Reiki at their local hospitals.

You can find here a complete list of NHS hospitals and other UK conventional healthcare institutions offering Reiki and other forms of complementary energy healing.