Reiki for Animals

Reiki is Reiki. No matter if the receiver is a human, an animal, a plant, or even a rock. Reiki is Energy Healing. Energy being channelled by the Healer towards the receiver. This being said, the definition of Reiki for Animals can change depending on the source. The one that I like most is given by the UK Reiki Federation: it’s the offering of Reiki to Animals, plain and simple as that. Animal Reiki Source goes beyond and mentions that it’s holding space for animals through meditation, to support their self-healing. If you make your research, you will find many more. Please comment on my Social Media channels if you found a different one that you resonate with.

Reiki for Animals Horse

Source: Pixabay

But what is different? Is there any change in comparison to giving Reiki to humans?

Yes, 4 important aspects make it different: the feedback, the anatomy, the technique, and the outcome.


With animals you lack the verbal communication that you have in human interactions, so you have to substitute it with the animal’s behavior and body language, as well as your intuition and experience.

Energetic Anatomy of Animals

The main differences are the Eight Chakra and the Bud Chakras.

The Eight Chakra: also named the Brachial Chakra, it’s located in between the shoulders of the animal. It is the main center, the one that connects to the rest of the chakras. If the bond between the animal and its corresponding human companion is good and healthy, then this chakra is strong and functional. Some sources recommend starting with this chakra when doing Reiki.

The Bud Chakras: most animals have these extremely sensitive areas, which are located in each ear, and each foot -or paw- of the animal. For example, elephants can “hear” through them, and detect seismic vibrations. This is why applying Reiki through those buds can be very soothing and beneficial for our friend.

For a detailed information about dogs and cats energy centers, go to this link from Humanity Healing.

Energy Anatomy of the Cat. Chakras of the Cat

The technique

Some healers would say that the only thing that changes is the position of the hands, because the differences with the chakra anatomy. Also, some healers do not perform a Hands-on Technique, and they just stay near the animal or animals; they are holding space, remember the definition? A good example is this interesting video in which several healers stay in a Barn and manage to calm all the animals inside it.

The outcome

Many sources inform that Reiki has even better results on animals, compared to humans. Why? Because the human mind, often fueled by shame, fear, doubts, and negative thoughts, hinders Reiki’s full benefits. Animals, being as pure as they are, can benefit from Reiki much more than us. They could easily achieve significative levels of relaxation very fast. Lucky them.

Energy Anatomy of Dogs. Dogs Chakras


Giving Reiki to animals is different than doing it towards a human being. The feedback, the technique, the energy anatomy, and the outcome, might vary. It also changes depending on which kind of species are you channeling energy to. If you want to try, do not overthink it and do it. For starters, you only need your intuition and to be responsive to the animal’s reaction. Do not force anything. This way, you will build a stronger emotional and energetic bond with that being.