I am one with the Qi Human Frequencies


by Eugenio Lepine

Several years ago, I was convinced that we humans are much more than just flesh and bones. I also knew that I wanted to help and heal people, this is why I got into MedSchool. Sooner or later the disappointment had to arrive because I started studying the Human Body from a materialistic point of view, where subtle energies and spiritual aspects are being neglected. I never listened about biofields, or how Qi (also known as Chi, Prana or Vital Energy) is the most important and intimate aspect of ourselves. It took me many years to accept this concept, and it was a long battle between my rational mind against my intuition.

But intuition won that battle. And nowadays, whenever there is a glimpse of rational doubt, I simply recurr to Ampère’s Law. I wasn’t convinced overnight, it was a slow process, but I reached the point in which I was confident that I can start a blog about it. So I created this blog. One of my biggest surprises was that I found a freaking lot of scientific research regarding energy medicine, magnetic insights of molecules such as neuromelanin, and many Hospitals that are integrating Reiki among their complementary treatments.

Now my rational mind helps me on the research and proof of such theories, even when sometimes there is none, yet. But the lack of scientific evidence doesn’t mean that these phenomena do not exist. To me, it means that our current technology is still behind. In order to perform a Biofield Therapy (such as Reiki), I don’t need proof about the existence of the electromagnetic human field, subtle energies or energy medicine. But I find extremely interesting what science has to say about these concepts. I know they exist and I know we all have this subtle anatomy, just as we all have the same bones and organs.

Skin Structure Energy Kidmograph

Source: kidmograph.com

The shift is already happening, and sooner or later it will become mainstream. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we happen to witness a scientific consensus regarding reiki frequencies, the living matrix, or the electric properties of proteins?

I believe this fact would begin an era where subtle anatomy would be displayed in textbooks and taught in schools. An era where we will have more awareness about biofields and consciousness, and how to properly use our energy.

An era where we know that we are much more than just flesh and bones, where everyone can say openly and without shame: I am one with the Qi, the Qi is with me.

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