Qi is the chinese literal version of «vital force», and also can be written as Chi. It literally translates as «breath», «air» or «gas», but it is known for the figurative interpretations of  «life force» or «energy flow».

In traditional Chinese culture, qì or ch’i is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living thing.

Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts, while the practice to cultivate and balance qi is called qigong.

The channeling process during Reiki might be done by the flow of Qi at low frequencies and through the bioelectromagnetism of the healer.


I am one with the Qi Feature

Soy uno con el Qi, el Qi está conmigo

Sobre cómo mi conflicto interno entre razón e intuición finalizó en un acuerdo mutuo de cooperación entre tales perspectivas opuestas.
Campo Electromagnetico Humano

El Campo Electromagnético Humano

Principios básicos de cómo el cuerpo human transmite información eléctrica, y por lo tanto emite un campo magnético.