Science and Reiki are a difficult mix; therefore, scientists who want to study these phenomena are generally isolated and stereotyped as too weird, if not crazy.

This is why I consider the ones that have the courage to do it, as brave pioneers that overlooked the risk of losing prestige and/or status. (I know there are many low-quality studies and quackery in this area of research as well).

So far we know that biofields, or electromagnetic energy human fields, are a strong and vital part of ourselves. But the specific and exacts characteristics or physiology remain still unclear.

First, we must shift some paradigms about basic human physiology and study and integrate some concepts like semiconduction, tensegrity and the electromagnetic frequencies of the body.

The Living Matrix

A new concept regarding semiconduction, tensegrity, and biologic liquid crystals; and as a result of those characteristics, the body communicates through connective tissue and the cellular cytoskeleton.

This concept gives insight about how acupuncture and several alternative therapies work, and their intrinsic relationship with the electrical body.

Extremely low frequencies

Evidence suggests that healing energies are set in the 2-20 Hertz range. A common pattern is the specific 7,83 Hz frequency. This one has been detected in some studies regarding energy healing, and is also the same fundamental frequency of the Schumann Resonances.

In conclusion, the standarization of a Reiki randomized controlled trial is still far from arriving, because scientists are still approaching this phenomenon from different angles and then determine which might give more information about it.

Reiki for AnimalsPixabay

Reiki for Animals

In Reiki for animals we have some differences to take into consideration. The best news is that with them, you can get better results than with humans.
Touchstone Process Feature Image

The Touchstone Process

The Touchstone Process is the name of a project which was designed to rate the scientific research done about Reiki. Its results are available online.
What is Reiki Feature Hands

So, what is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique, whose effects are given through energy channeling, and ultimately it's a self-knowledge tool.
Biofield Definitions Feature Human Frequencies

Biofield Definitions

The biofield is an energy and information field that permeates our bodies and regulates the homeodynamic function of living organisms.
Stem Cell Bone FormationPixabay

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on stem cells improve bone formation and remodeling

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields accelerate and improve bone formation.This is why top athletes use magnetic devices in order to heal faster.
Magnet Vintage

The Four Founders of Electromagnetic Theory

Electricity and magnetism are two sides of the same force. Electric currents induce magnetic fields. Shifting magnetic fields induce electric currents. This facts that nowadays we take so very much for granted were mainly established by 4 great minds that hugely developed the world of Physics.
Moga Feature Human Frequencies

Magnetic Properties of Healing Touch Therapy

Analysis of the biomagnetic properties happening during a Healing Touch session, also relating them to the patients' and also the healers' experiences.
Updating Senses Feature Pic

Updating the Traditional Human Senses

Nowadays, it is inaccurate to determine that the human body has only 5 senses. So here is a brief list that goes from proprioception to psychic phenomena.
Relaxation Response

The Relaxation Response

The relaxation response refers to the body and mind changes that happen when someone achieves a simultaneous physically relaxed and mentally alert state.
Electric proteins

Electric Proteins at the Doors of the Cell

Scientists from USA and Hungary have measured electric conductance through an isolated protein that normally is located at the outer membrane of the cell.
Living Matrix

The Living Matrix

Cells communicate and send signals along the cytoskeleton, crossing the cell membrane and reaching any part of the body through the connective tissue.

Semiconduction and Tensegrity

A new physiology of bioenergy requires adopting these two concepts. Tensegrity as the molecular scaffolding which permits semiconduction to happen, this latter as an electronic information system, which is very different from normal neural communication.
biofield on cell culture

Avoiding Placebo: Biofield therapies on non-human recipients

In 2012 seven top-notch biofield scientists reunited in a Symposium which was part of the International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health in Portland, Oregon. They discussed the present and future of biofield research.
Cortisol Energy

Reiki and Cortisol

Even though the Relaxation Response is enhanced during a Reiki therapy, this doesn’t always mean a low cortisol level.
Reiki and Pain

Reiki and Pain management

Research on pain control and modulation when applying Reiki is giving promising results. The relaxation response and pain might be linked.
Soundstrue Energy Healing Summit

8 things I learned from the Soundstrue Energy Healing Summit

It's impossible to summarize all the knowledge offered at the Summit in just one list, so this is just a brief excerpt.
Reiki Frequencies

Reiki Frequencies and Schumann Resonances

¿How does Reiki work? The scientific research on Reiki suggests that the channeling phenomenon goes along electromagnetic biofields and low frequencies.
Electromagnetic Human Field Feature

The Electromagnetic Human Field

Basic principles of how the human body communicates with electrochemical information and emits a corresponding magnetic field.