This is the latest category in this blog, created because some of my articles need a "none of the above" section, as they are not fully into the science of consciousness, the science of energy medicine, or the situation of Reiki in the hospitals of some country.

As part of the evolution of this blog, and of myself as a writer, I am understanding that people like articles that have a little bit of scientific information, but mainly exposing a thought and an emotion. Generally speaking, people are not very much into articles that are loaded with scientific data, and this category might just compensate that previously neglected aspect of my writing.

I hope you like it.

Agni Profile Pic

My Experience at the Agni Spirit Festival

This Festival is about the nourishment of the Body, Mind, and Soul; and where you feel part of a very diverse -and at the same time, inclusive-, Tribe.
Reiki Massage Feature

Is Reiki a Massage Therapy?

There are many people and websites that use the term "reiki massage", which I don't consider accurate. This is why I did some basic research to understand why this energy healing technique is being associated with a physical pressure treatment.
Spirituality Trending

Spirituality is Trending, and this is just the beginning

When you see so many ads about Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and several energy healing practices, you can be sure that there is a trend. Why is this happening?
I am one with the Qi Human Frequencies

I am one with the Qi, the Qi is with me

How my inner conflict between reason and intuition ended up with a mutual agreement of cooperation among these two opposite perspectives.
Pseudoscience lists Feature

Seriously, some pseudoscience lists are hilarious

Medical Associations are confronting all medical practice not endorsed by their system. Problem being that useful therapies are being considered harmful.
Ampere Law

How Ampère’s Law helps me calm down the rational side of my mind

How Ampere's Law helps me seduce the rational part of my brain and convinces with science that energy is important.