Ampere Law

How Ampère’s Law helps me calm down the rational side of my mind

by Eugenio Lepine

Thank you Ampère’s Law!

What does the Law of Ampère has to do with anything related with Energy Medicine?

Well, it’s really easy to understand this bioenergy we all have whenever we are in the flow, or when we are under the effects of the Relaxation Response during or after meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, or any similar treatment. Under the best circumstances, anyone can feel its own energy adequately flowing in and out of our bodies.

But sometimes stress, cortisol, and the left hemisphere take control. Actually, lots of times. And in this fast paced society its almost all the time. So your skeptic and rational left hemisphere wants answers. It wants argumental proof of our experience and urges us to have solid arguments of what this so called bioenergy is.

And here is when Ampère’s Law saves the day.

Ampère’s Law basically says that any stable electric current produces a magnetic field around it. There is no possible way any rational mind could argue that. Because it’s a Law. Not even a Theory, like Relativity, or Quantum Theory. So, my rational mind can’t argue the fact that I’m an electrical being, with lots of electricity flowing inside my body, therefore creating a magnetic field around myself.

This electricity is encoded as information through the nerves, muscles, and connective tissue, and my state of consciousness, my well-being, will determine the quality of this electromagnetic field, or biofield.  It’s that simple.

In wikipedia, it says:

Ampère’s circuital law relates the magnetic field to the electric current passing through the loop.

The mathematical statement of the law is a relation between the total amount of magnetic field around some path (line integral) due to the current which passes through that enclosed path (surface integral). But this is not necessary to understand, the point here is, that any stable electric current creates a surrounding magnetic field. And our bodies are all about electric currents. Every time there is a neural signal or a muscle contraction, there is electricity.

ampere law

Source: Wikipedia

But…do I need to know how energy works?

No. The best energy healers have no conscious knowledge of basic or profound science, they don’t need to. Their inner knowledge or intuition can’t be acquired at any University. But it’s very interesting how science is slowly opening towards many neglected areas, and it’s exciting to see more and more research on subjects that not so long ago were considered as “phenomenologically immeasurable”. The evidence is so big that the benefits speak for themselves.

For example, magnetic devices are trending with elite athletes and top Hospitals, this is a very advanced technology right now. At the Reiki Frequencies post I have already stated about many football players that use these devices in order to shorten the recovery period from injuries and even bone fractures. If only Franz Anton Mesmer could see this.

So, if big machines that emit magnetic fields are useful to promote healing, then a human healer might have the same effects. Even more, the magnetic fields emitted by this devices is at the same range that has been measured from the hands of energy healers and Qi Gong practicants, this studies have also been mentioned at at the Reiki Frequencies and at the Magnetic Properties of Healing Touch Therapy posts. This range is the Low Frequency range, with a standard frequency of 7.83 Hz.

And the basic knowledge needed to know how and why it works is through Ampère’s Law. That is the simplest, left-sided, rational and structured answer that soothes my logical mind.