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My Experience at the Agni Spirit Festival

If you follow me on Facebook, you might found out that I attended at the Agni Spirit Festival, where I was able to offer Reiki Sessions. And to be honest, my expectations about this event were kind of high, but they were hugely surpassed.

Here is my experience about it.

Main Stage Agni

Photo by: Amelia Johannsen

What the Agni Spirit Festival is About

The Agni Spirit is a different kind of Festival. It offers a wide display of activities, workshops, and ceremonies, whose main objective is the nourishment of the Body, the Mind, and the Soul.

So you could wake up and do Yoga, afterward do some Circus or Dancing workshop. Later on, you could have some meditation; know about Sexuality, Shamanism, Healing Arts; being immersed inside Gong and Sound Circles, among many, many other activities.

Also, the Festival embraces the Zero Waste Challenge, which means that you will never find any trash can at the location. Being responsible for your own trash is something that I have never experienced before in any other event. It made me more conscious and sensitive about the issue. It’s funny to arrive back home, unpack your clothes, camping stuff, and also, your cardboard box with your trash in it. But more than funny, it’s an important shift. I really hope that this is taken into consideration and eventually becomes the standard among all Festivals.

Sacred Earth Yurt

Sacred Earth Yurt. Photo by: @alejandro__guerrero___

Healing Area

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, I was part of the Team of Healers and Therapists, where I was able to provide Reiki Healing for anyone interested in it.

I got to meet so many awesome therapists!

Unlike some other situations or events, there was no Ego trying to prove one therapist is better than the other, neither trying to prove that any specific therapy is better than any other. We supported each other whenever we could, borrowed stuff and massage tables, as well as covering shifts when needed.

Click here in order to find out all the Therapies that were offered.

Healing Art Area

Healing Art Area.

Ayurvedic Yoga and Temazcal

As I was part of the Healing Team, I couldn’t attend all the activities at the Festival, so I had to choose whenever I had some free time. Therefore, I will share my experience of 2 activities that I could enjoy:

Ayurvedic Yoga – this session was hosted by Amélie Nuttin, a teacher that has integrated her Ayurveda wisdom into Yoga. Hands out, this is my best Yoga experience so far, as my mind and body reached a state of well-being and relaxation that was very much unexpected. If you happen to be in Belgium (or even north of France), don’t hesitate to contact her and make an appointment, it’s totally worth it. You can click here for her Facebook page, and click here to get to her website.

Temazcal with Luca de Santis – yes, I am Mexican and this is my first Temazcal experience, and yes, shame on me, I know. But Destiny wanted me to have Luca as my first guide in this experience, and I am very grateful to have him. The whole session lasts between 2 and 3 hours, and the door would open 4 times, so there are 4 quarters, so to speak.

My most difficult moment was in the second quarter, after the first gate opening, as my mind was tricking me into believing that I might not make it until the end. It was all in my mind, and it wasn’t easy to overcome that moment, but when the gate opened for the second time, everything was better, and I could complete all 4 stages.

When the gates open for the last time, you are all covered in sweat and mud, and you literally crawl out of the Temazcal, so it’s unavoidable to think of it as a rebirth. I felt so good afterward, that Roberto Zafón, a therapist friend that does Shiatsu and Yoga in Valencia, told me: “Dude, your facial expression has changed, you look so much better!”

And he was right, I felt so good.


The Temazcal. Photo by: Lottie Elizabeth Travels

Agni Spirit Festival Dry Toilet

This is the view when you were inside the Dry Toilet. “Doing your business” can’t get any better.

Music and Dancing

Regarding music, you could dance every day and every night, but you could also sit on the floor and enjoy the artists. There were too many artists to name them all, so I will only write about the spectacle given by Prem Joshua and Band; their first tunes made me trip a little bit, and eventually, the whole crowd (which at the beginning was sitting, including me) was dancing and enjoying their songs. Their music is a fine mix between citar Indian tunes and modern instruments, now I understand why they were presented as living legends.

Main Stage Agni Spirit Festival 1

Photo by: Amelia Johannsen


The Agni Spirit Festival was an absolutely amazing event. I met so many amazing people, made great friendships, and felt part of a diverse, respectful, and inclusive community that is aware of the shift in consciousness needed for the sake of our species.

I am looking forward to being there next year, and enjoy the therapies, the asanas, the music and dances, the ceremonies, the meditations, the vegan pizzas, the hugs, and so much more.

Special thanks to all the people that booked a Reiki session with me.

For more information, go to to the Agni Spirit Festival website, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


Fire Night

Photo by: Amelia Johannsen