Summarizing, the articles in this website mainly deal with two different aspects of Reiki: the science behind it, and the current presence of Reiki in Hospitals around the World. There are 2 categories that are especifically called like that: Science of Reiki and Energy Healing, and Reiki in Hospitals.

But this is a very simple explanation. Let me elaborate.

Energy Healing is a complex phenomena that is strongly rooted to the consciousness and beliefs of the patient, this is why there is also a Category that contains articles regarding consciousness, neuroscience, and quantum physics.

Finally, I have also written articles which are mainly my opinion about trends and about the ascending interest of this healing techniques among the population, articles that are easier to read and lack the analysis of scientific studies. I enjoy a lot writing those articles, and you can find them under the Category of Reflections of Science, Energy and Spirituality.


Eugenio Lepine

My name is Eugenio Lepine

Since I was young I felt attraction for topics like the healing process, philosophy, arts, Buddhism and zen meditation. As a kid I said that I wanted to become a veterinarian. But years afterwards, when I had to choose a career, I ended up in between two interesting options: Psychology or Psychiatry. Deep inside me, I think I just wanted to understand myself, and afterwards know how to heal myself. I chose Psychiatry because I wrongly thought it had more substance and more therapeutic options than Psychology. Being a psychiatrist requires for you to previously become a Doctor, reason why I chose to study Medicine in my then hometown: Mexico City.

The first two years at MedSchool were great, and I was a good student……yet. It was when I started studying at hospitals when I lost something. Better explained, I realized I wouldn’t be fulfilled in there, something was missing, and something very important. I wasn’t attracted at the actual mechanistic focus of allopathic modern medicine. Therefore, in a very slow process, I realized that I had lost passion for Medicine. And in a very difficult decision, I quit MedSchool.

I needed a new fresh start in my life, I needed to shake things off and see what remains afterwards. So I burned my bridges, took a plane and started a new chapter of my life in my actual hometown: Barcelona.

Spiral Staircase


I still had the inner knowledge that I was going to become a healer, just not in the orthodox way. Since I was a child I always believed in energies and in what I then determined as “magic”. Since then I knew that we live in a magical reality. And that we are all part of this “magical energy”.

But first I had to shift my mechanistic way of reasoning I learned at MedSchool, which took me years to overcome. This was the most difficult part so far, but it was totally worth it. Now I openly acknowledge the existence of human forces and frequencies we still struggle to detect or measure with traditional equipment, but that are vital for the existence of beings.

When I started studying and practicing Reiki I realized how much potential we have in ourselves, and anyone can develop it. Anyone. It really works out for me and my patients. It is really amazing and empowering to understand how oneself has the ability to heal the self and others.

Besides my spirituality lies another aspect that I cannot evade. I just happen to love science. I continually end up reading about some scientist, research or theory regarding holistic reality concepts, and theories which include the forces and frequencies embedded in our systems. This is a great time to be alive; insightful discoveries about consciousness, reality and energy therapies are on the rise. Quantum events and other theories (the biofield, the living matrix, the collective unconscious) just state that we barely know anything of how everything works. Even matter itself is only 4% of the Universe, the rest of it we can’t even measure or identify.

Eugenio Lepine at Teotihuacan

Knowing this -the fact that we barely know anything-, we can resolve that there is so much to discover yet, about reality, about ourselves, and at the same time there are so many possibilities awaiting to be unveiled.

It was in the middle of 2016, in a jobless period that I was granted with benefits, when inspiration knocked and the idea of this blog was born.

This is a one man job, and I do everything, but I had absolutely no idea how much knowledge I had to cover in order for the blog to be well ranked, understandable and user friendly. I naively thought that I just needed to focus on quality content. But no, since then I have learned so much about SEO, website optimization, WordPress, security (website got hacked in january and it was a nightmare but learned many things), image optimization, finding royalty free quality images, managing a bilingual website, and so on and so forth.

Now, more than 2 years after starting this project, I can see how much worth it was. Now I’m even at the first page in Google search!

The first months I was running from savings and unemployment grants, but eventually I had to find me a job which allows me to pay my basic expenses, meanwhile I can continue posting quality content.

Thanks for your visit, I really hope that you like my stuff and find it interesting.

PS. Feedbacks and comments are appreciated, you can write me at: reikilepine@gmail.com

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