Reiki Frequencies and Schumann Resonances

In the post about The Electromagnetic Human Field has been reviewed how the electric part of the human body might have an important role to play in the mechanisms of action in therapies like Acupuncture. Now we are going to explore the magnetic realm of the body, and how Reiki could be in practical terms a magnetic therapy. How does Reiki work, right? But first will be discussed how cells receive messages through specialized proteins across the cell membrane, and afterwards a selection of scientific articles regarding to Reiki are going to be discussed. It will also be reviewed some basic mechanisms of hands-on therapies (Reiki and some others), what factors might be playing, and what are the key aspects that define an optimal healing session. Finally I will expose a brief summary of what are the Schumann Resonances and a possible frequency link between these and the Reiki healer.


We are still trying to understand how energy fields can jump start the healing process in different tissues. Luckily there exist several theories. So far we know that there exists a cascade of reactions taking place from the cell surface to the cytoplasm and on to the nucleus and genes, where selective effects on the DNA have been documented. In the decade of the 90’s emerged a phenomenon called amplification, basically implying that a very tiny field or reaction can produce a large effect. It has been discovered that a single hormone molecule or neurotransmitter or a single photon of electromagnetic energy can trigger a cellular response. 

One of the key steps in the amplification process is the activation of calcium channels so that hundreds of calcium ions flood into the cell, where they activate various cellular processes involved in the repair of tissues that have been injured or diseased. There is also a lot of information regarding G-proteins, which are part of a specialized set of receptors that can trigger several metabolic responses. Alfred Gilman -along Martin Rodbell- was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1994, for their discovery of G-proteins and the role of these proteins in signal transduction in cells”, and in the lecture he gave at the Karolinska Institute he said: “the reason we have G-proteins is so we can build very complex signaling switchboards that have enormous adaptability, flexibility, with very complex interactions, leading to diverging, or converging results. Each cell can make a choice, design it’s highly customized switchboard, in an enormous order of possible outputs”.

Cascade of Membrane Signal Transduction

Cascade of Membrane Signal Transduction


Now, what is known is that, as shown in the image, a hormone is only the first step in a complex sequence of interactions. And, the interesting part here is, can we have effects if, instead of a hormone we apply another type of energy or frequency? Here is where energy medicine arrives, and it can be simply defined as a particular frequency (or frequencies) looking to promote repair and homeostasis of the body. This frequency can come from a healer of from a device.

A very important aspect that enery healing research has provided is that very tiny fields can produce the best effects. This is actually a profound and vital realization that has implications for every branch of medicine. It is now known that the body also emits light, sound, heat, and electromagnetic fields and, like all other matter, it has a gravitational field. Energy medicine involves understanding how the body creates and responds to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, including light and sound as well as other forms of energy such as heat, pressure, chemical and elastic energy, and gravity. It is interesting to get to know how the body produces these different kinds of energy, and how these energies can be applied to the body for beneficial effects.


Electromagnetism can be detected for all body functions. The heart generates a signal that can be recorded by an electrocardiograph (EKG) and by magnetocardiography (MCG). Brain function can be monitored on an electroencephalograph (EEG). Magnetomyograms detect magnetic pulses when muscles contract. These are all well-established scientific facts and principles. 

Despite the fact that magnet therapy is still considered a pseudoscience, elite athletes use these devices in order to shorten their recovery period whenever they suffer an injury or even bone fracture (between many many examples are tennis player Rafa Nadal, in motorbikes Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez, and lots of football players like the ones shown at the image)


Magnet Therapy devices on elite football players

Magnet Therapy devices on elite football players like Ever Banega (top), David Villa (bottom left) and Thiago Alcántara (bottom right)

Acupressure and shiatsu are types of therapies that use the accupoints and several specific body locations in order to maintain or restore balance through the electric body. And it’s been explained in previous posts how acupuncture might use the electric body circuits and amplifiers. Now, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic Touch and basically all hands-on therapies, might be more experienced on the magnetic fields that emanate from the healer’s hands and its interaction with the patient’s magnetic body.


In the early 1980’s, Dr. John Zimmerman began a series of important studies on therapeutic touch, using a SQUID magnetometer at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. Click here to know what is a SQUID on Wikipedia. Zimmerman discovered that a huge pulsating biomagnetic field emanated from the hands of a Terapeutic Touch practitioner. The frequency of the pulsations is not steady, but “sweeps” up and down, from 0.3 to 30 Hz (cycles per second), with most of the activity in the range of 7-8 Hz. The biomagnetic pulsations from the hands are in the same frequency range as brain waves and scientific studies of the frequencies necessary for healing indicate that they naturally sweep back and forth through the full range of therapeutic frequencies, thus being able to stimulate healing on any tissue in the body. This study is pretty much cited by “alternative” scientists, and pretty much criticized by its detractors. As one of his critics mentions: The study was published in 1990 in the journal of the Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute, whose founder and president just happens to be… John Zimmerman.

Zimmerman Therapeutic Touch

Emission from the hand of a therapist, mostly ranging around the 7-8 Hz level, according to Zimmerman.

But there are much more scientists that have published relevant studies. Akira Seto made a great hallmark in 1992 using two identical coils, with 80,000 turns each, not exactly a SQUID and unable to detect normal, or usual human magnetic field. What he did was a study with 37 volunteers, from which could not record or measure anything on 34 of them, but the remaining 3 had quite interesting results, curiously, the 3 of them had a relationship with Chi energy:

  1. The first subject had been interested lately in “Qi emission” as he recently started to feel a flow in his body. He has had no training or meditation whatsoever, but opening the mind to these levels of awareness is the first step to reaching them. His mean frequency ranged from 4-6 Hz.
  2. The second subject, a female Buddhist, had also been serving as a healer, her average magnetic strength was 2 mGauss and 7 Hz, temporary going to 5 Hz, and setting back at 7 Hz after 120 seconds.
  3. The third subject, an aesthetic salon consultant, which also happens to be a student of Qi Gong, her frequency was 8-10 Hz and a magnetic field amplitude of 3 mGauss.
Seto's results on 3 test subjects

Seto’s results on 3 test subjects

Seto believes this ability can be naturally given, and sometimes obtained by practice.

Most interestingly was the electromagnetic reading of the female Buddhist, several minutes after Qi emission, the magnetic emission was still being detected, and the corresponding electric current could not be found. Also, the intensity of the magnetic fields found to be 1,000 stronger than the hearts magnetic field. This is a huge number. This makes the authors believe that, although the will is completely necessary in order to radiate the extraordinary large bio-magnetic field, these extraordinary large bio-magnetic fields could never be from the internal body current alone. If so, then the term channelling is quite perfect, as it implies that the body is just a vessel for extracorporeal frequencies to flow towards the patient.

Dr. James Oschman believes that Extremely Low Frequencies (between 3-300 Hz) can stimulate tissue repair, and its in this ELF range where most of healing occurs: “the important frequencies for stimulating tissue repair are all in the biologically important ELF range”. This includes frequencies that are less than 100 Hz, it is a low energy level and extremely low frequency level. There is evidence to think that the optimal frequency also depends on the type of lesion or illness, 2 Hertz is effective for nerve regeneration, 7 Hz is adequate for bone growth, 10 Hz is used for ligaments, and somewhat higher frequencies work for skin and capillaries.

The therapeutic window seems to be delimited to low frequencies, as some people can be allergic to 50-60 Hz electromagnetic fields, feeling uncomfortable near transformers, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens and other appliances.


Now we are gonna check 7 scientific articles whose main subject is Reiki or other type or hands-on therapy, there are some reviews, which are cool for knowing the big picture so far, and also are some interesting, hallmarking, or relevant studies.

As Reiki main purpose is a general well-being and knowledge of self, it becomes more difficult to measure its effects by clinical results, in 1999 Ahlam Mansour made a pioneer study whose objective was to create the first study to test standardization procedures for real and placebo Reiki, though the number of subjects is small, and some details are into discussion, the results are quite surprising: at the 4th stage of the study: 2 out of 4 placebo subjects thought they were receiving Reiki, 3 out of 4 observers at the placebo group thought the practitioner was a real Reiki therapist. In the Reiki group, any of the subjects could tell if they were having Reiki or placebo, and 2 out of 4 observers thought it was placebo. The thing here is that the placebo practitioners were taught during 4 hours about hand positions and some Reiki theory, and its not detailed in the study, but it would be interesting to know what the placebo practitioners were thinking meanwhile the session, we know intention is very very very important, and if they were thinking of themselves as healers into a healing session, then the results could be biased, maybe its optimal to just act the healing session but not mentally participate on it.

In 2000, Diane Wardell and colleagues published maybe the most cited Reiki article so far, they were focused on testing the relaxation response during Reiki, a smart approach I think. The interesting part here is all the markers they tested, a total of 7, which are:

  1. state anxiety
  2. salivary Immunoglobin A
  3. cortisol (the stress hormone)
  4. blood pressure
  5. galvanic skin response
  6. muscle tension
  7. skin temperature


Before and after the Reiki session, significative results were taken on:

  • reduction of anxiety
  • increment of salivary IgA, which implies a relationship between Reiki and a better immunological performance
  • drop in systolic pressure

During the Reiki session, significative results were taken on:

  • skin temperature increased (remember that semiconductors are modulated by temperature, so the conductance increased as well)
  • electromyograph decreases

There are three Review Articles which are really comprehensible and analyze the efectiveness of Reiki in several studies, also discussing the pros and cons of each study and the implications. The first one was made by Pamela Miles and Gala True in 2003, and this is one article pretty much anyone can understand, it begins with its history, some theory, shows several clinics and hospitals who have incorpored Reiki as therapy, reviews other reviews, analizes 7 randomized controlled trials (RCT), including Mansour’s, and in my opinion, they nailed it when suggesting the directions of future research, I quote: future research on Reiki efficacy should identify outcomes measures, such as increased sense of spiritual well-being, self-awareness and centeredness, that are relevant to the patient’s experiences and that may have an impact on clinical outcomes.

Anne Vitale published in 2007 another interesting review, which focuses the effect of Reiki in 4 areas:

1- stress-relaxation, noting that there is a weak state of knowledge about the implications, 3 out of 5 studies had non satisfactory results, but accepts the changes in IgA and anxiety reported earlier.

2- pain, where a trend is suggesting, but not completely demostrating- that Reiki has beneficial effects

3- wound-healing, there was only one study found, in which the complicated treatment design, limited sample size and potential random errors make it suboptimal to take as a reference

4- Reiki-placebo standardization – it is recommended to add placebo standardization testing procedures like these in order to contribute to more rigorous energy work study, also, scientists analize the conflict that the interaction of placebo truly has, and question if sham Reiki is truly inert, something already stated before.

Anne Vitale's integrative review

Anne Vitale’s integrative review on Reiki

One year later, 2008, Nassim Assefi publishes an article in which there are no positive results as Reiki being effective, the thing is that its already difficult to study the probable differences between Reiki and placebo, and this study adds distant healing to the method, so mixing local and distant healing in the same study might not be the best of ideas.

The quest for an understanding of the nature of Reiki will inevitably lead to a better study of it, meanwhile, studies will not be accepted as valid by the scientific community, but we must acknowledge the difficulty of pioneering in science, and also the difficulty to interpretate something we yet dont understand completely.

Myeong Soo Lee in 2008 made a very complete review, in which he retrieved 205 potential relevant studies, from all of those, only 9 met the criteria specified, and only 2 suggested positive effects, one in the area of pain and anxiety and the other involving stress and hopelessness. Not only is important to know how to study this phenomenon, also how to interpret it, because we might not get the best answers if the questions imply strict specific medical outcomes, and this approach is not liked by modern science.

Randomised Clinical Trials about Reiki, reviewed by Lee

Randomised Clinical Trials about Reiki, reviewed by Lee

Finally, Sondra vanderVaart in 2009 made another review, obtaining a poor ranking in 11 out of 12 studies, determining more or less what we already know, that high-quality RCTs are needed.

Sondra Vandervaart's review about Reiki

Sondra Vandervaart’s review about Reiki

So far, it is evident that studying Reiki might give very diffuse results when the variable tested is a specific clinical condition, it seems to be working more on an overall situation, so it might be better to study it first in reference to the relaxation system, or if it can fasten the recovery time from any illness, or not to cross mixed therapies in the same study.

After all this information, it is possible to infer which are the mechanisms that give Reiki it’s effectiveness. We know from the Electromagnetic Human Body post that a normal chakra physiology means having a uniform, round, centered and rhythmic spin, so the most basic mechanism might be the change of frequency or rotation through field dynamics. Also, it seems that the healer does a general scan of the body with a broad set of frequencies, but ends up setting at the range between 7 and 8 Hertz. The power of acceptance and intention are key in Reiki, as in any other discipline. So, if the patient is not convinced that the treatment will be helpful then effectiveness decreases. And finally, in my experience so far, the knowledge and purity of the healer itself is also critical in order to get positive outcomes. Please note that when I refer to the knowlegde of the healer, it does not have to do with anything of this post, I think that as a healer there is no need to know scientific mechanisms of action, it has to do with their own inner knowledge of the human fields given by constant work of self and to others. All that being said, so far it is safe to asume that the patient has significative effects on the relaxation system, and increased skin conductance which may mean better body communication and development. These might be the first of many consensuated benefits of Reiki.


Now, what does Reiki has to do with the Schumann Resonances?

It took time to demonstrate the existence of an “electromagnetic wave” capable to transmit energy at the speed of 300 million m/sec, ergo, light speed. Several great minds like Ampere, Faraday, Gauss, Maxwell and Hertz collaborated into the understanding of this phenomenon, and the first one to apply this energy was Marconi, developing a radio transmitter, which, by the way, used quartz crystal into its structure, and also, around 17 patents that were used to create that radio were invented by Nicola Tesla.

The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. They are generated and excited by lightning discharges in the resonant cavity formed between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This is important, the ionosphere acts as a low-frequency waves reflector, so the waves bounce back and forth and they superimpose between them. Their speed is light speed, so surrounding Earth at 7.8/s. The most known Schumann Resonance is its lowest frequency, also known as fundamental, and fluctuates between 7-8.5 Hz (the rest are 13.7, 19.6, 25.5, 31.4, 37.3, and 43.2 Hz). Fluctuation of these levels is completely normal, and frequencies may vary according to geographic location.

Schumann Resonances Animation

Schumann Resonances Animation
Source: NASA

The ionosphere then determines the characteristics of the resonances, whenever the ionosphere grows then the frequency drops, this natural reflector shifts through various cycles, like day/night, seasons, 11 year sun cycle, solar storms, and pretty much everything that emits the sun towards us. Solar magnetic storms can halt any Schumann frequency.

I found a couple of cool pages correlated to this, first one from NASA, in which some scientists started recording this scalar waves by the aid of a Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio receiver. They detected 3 different types of them, called sferics, tweeks and whistlers. You can go to this link, and also this one and listen to them, they are really bizarre and cool.

Secondly, this even cooler website streams -in a 30 minute delay- the lightning happening all around the planet—wow!! It shows the time it is broadcasting, the number of strokes per second, and the stroke density, among other features. I was so amazed the first time I realized this phenomena, a neverending frequency creator pulse made by the electrical discharges of the Earth, no wonder why the Schumann resonance is called the heart beat of Earth. Also, it’s kind of soothing watching all those storms happening meanwhile we take a look at the blue sky through our window.

Thunder strikes create the Schumann Resonances

The ceaseless discharge of thunder strikes create the Schumann Resonances


This being said, I would like to focus on the fact that the lowest-frequency mode of the Schumann resonance occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz, the same frequency that was detected emitted by hands-on therapists on several studies, and here is where the human electromagnetic fields and Earth’s waves might entangle, this might be the access door where channelling occurs, this might be the extracorporeal energy Seto was talking about when saying that the extremely big bio-magnetic fields cannot be sustained just with bio-electricity.

So, due to similarities in the frequencies, do we happen to channel energy from Earth itself?

Or is it that the 7-8 Hz range is another pattern in this Universe and repeats consistently?

Or both?

Or none?

So, that is all, thanks for your interest and comments. I appreciate so much if you like and share this post through social media and your friends.

Have a great morning, day, afternoon, night! 





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The Electromagnetic Human Field


In this post I will start explaining some basic concepts about electric currents, semiconduction and tensegrity, as they all seem to have lots to do with the correct flow of information in the body. Also will be reviewed the use of magnets as healing devices since Ancient Cultures up to the XVIth century with the figure of Franz Anton Mesmer. Then I will expose some of the first attempts to study and understand the electric body, and afterwards will present the actual knowledge about electromagnetic fields in living systems. Finally, the last part is an integration of all this scientific knowledge with the Vedic and Chinese Medical Systems. Let’s go!


It is known that any electric current flowing through a conductor produces a magnetic field around it. The direction of the current flow determines a polarity, with one end being negative and the other positive. Polarity is seen in practically everything. The Earth has polarity. The cells have polarity. The body as a whole has polarity. We will resume later that even meridians have polarity.

Dipole Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Field

The water molecule is a very common example of chemical polarity, and because it contains salt and diverse ions, then it makes it a very good electric conductor. We must remember we are 70% made of water.

Now, there exist two types of electric current, meaning the type of current flow:

  • Direct Current, developed commercially by Edison, where the electric charge flows only in one direction. Any battery appliance uses a DC.
  • Alternate Current, discovered by the great awesome amazing genius Nicola Tesla, where the charge shifts direction periodically, this is the one on every home and business.

Types of electric flow whether its AC or DC.

One last brief concept before getting into the real stuff. A material that can transport the electric charge is called a conductor, because it has electrons available, but an insulator lacks electrons to share, so the electric charge can’t go through there, this is called resistance. In between these two, exist the semiconductors, which are materials whose resistance is high but still lower than insulators, so it can carry electric charge under the adequate conditions, and most importantly: its conductance can be modulated by temperature. Semiconductors are the basic components of all modern electronics. Now let’s explore the electromagnetic human body.


Egyptians and Greeks used magnets as healing devices, as a matter of fact they were common tools of healers along History, but the last centuries have imposed mechanistic views of the human body and the art of Medicine that exiled anything involving invisible fields.

Like Tesla, the german physician Franz Anton Mesmer seems to be another outcast of mainstream science. According to his only disciple, he understood health as the free flow of the process of life through thousands of channels in our bodies. Illness was caused by obstacles to this flow, this matches the Oriental systems description of the human body. He started utilizing magnets in order to restore that flow, but later on, he realized that the use of his bare hands can make the same effect. Despite all his accomplishments, he never got recognition from scientific community. Even King Louis XVI sent a commission of experts, which included Antoine Lavoisier and Benjamin Franklin among others, with the conclusion that such flow doesn’t exist and all was product of imagination. So the magnetic realm of the human body was discarded of further study for a long time.

But some years later was the turn of electricity. One century after Mesmer’s death, the first important breakthrough was made when Einthoven invented the first practical Electrocardiogram in 1903, later on he was rewarded with the Nobel Prize in 1924. Since then, electric records of the Heart Dynamic have been widely accepted, and some other parts of the body were being studied. In 1924 Hans Berger recorded the first Electroencephalogram in his son’s scalp. And in 1939 Burge detected voltage changes in the body. Physical activity makes the body become more negative. Sleep has shown to produce a voltage decline. And anesthesia has a turn over the positive.

The heart is by far the greatest electric generator of all the body, also creating a magnetic field around the body. It creates electrical, sound, pressure, heat, light, magnetic and EM signals. Because the blood is a very good conductor of electricity, the whole of the circulatory system pulses with electricity each time the heart beats. Every organ of the body has its own field, even every cell. The Institute of Heart Math is making great developments into the integration of the electric and magnetic fields of the heart and its involvement to the well being.

The second-strongest source of electricity is the retina, which acts like a large battery that changes in polarity when light falls on it. The third-strongest field is that produced by the various muscles, with the larger muscles producing larger fields and tiny muscles, such as those that move the eyes, producing tiny fields.

The field of the brain is about a thousandth as strong as that of the heart. Even weaker are the evoked fields produced by the brain when a sensory stimulus is provided, such as a sound, a light, or a touch.

 So the main point here is that the overall field is a composite of all these fields made by the organs and muscles.

Nowadays mainstream science can’t ignore anymore this fact. The body emanates a gigantic electromagnetic field. If the body’s circuitry is electric (neural, blood and specially connective tissue), then it’s generating a magnetic field around it.

Human Biofield

It would be great if mainstream medicine finally applies all this information towards a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease and healing. The electromagnetic human field can give information of practically anything that happens in the body, even before the appearance of clinical symptoms, we are just missing the technology and knowledge. And here is when alternative therapies arise, covering this neglected area of allopathic medicine.



Hungarian physiologist and biochemist Albert Szent-György, did quite notable research throughout his life. While working at the University of Szeged he determined the structure of vitamin C and also found out how some energetic reactions occurr at intracelular level, he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1937, being the only hungarian resident in his country at the moment he was awarded the prize.

Szent Gyorgyi

Albert Szent Györgyi

He afterwards studied the muscle physiology and cancer methabolic pathways, but his greatest, most insightful ideas came in the field of quantum biology and for being the first one to imply that electronic semiconductivity might play an important role in biological systems. Unsurprisingly, an idea this radical had a total reject from scientific community, including Linus Pauling, who -half joking half telling collective scientific opinion- shouted into one’s of Szent Gyorgyi’s symposiums: Proteins are not semiconductors!

But nowadays it’s known that proteins and nucleotide stacks have semiconductor properties. Szent-György was right.

Biological electronics deals with the flows of much smaller particles than Na+ or K+ (which are the ions used by the neurons to send and receive messages). Bioelectronics deals with electrons, protons, and the spaces where an electron is missing, called a hole. Proton-jump conduction (or proton hopping) has beeen proven to be faster than neural conduction.

But the most amazing thing happens to DNA….. Jànos Ladik, continuing Szent Gyorgyi’s work, has made theoretical models where electronic semiconductivity occurs in several polymers and nucleotide stacks, inferring amongst other things, that DNA conductivity is dependent or modulated by water content, temperature and frequency. Yes, frequency.


Buckminster Fuller was one of those men ahead to its era. Inventor, author, architect, among other titles, he was quite a genius. He believed in solar and wind energies, in technology to the serve of the basic needs, where “omni-successful education and sustenance of all Humanity” is reached. Maybe his most known invention is the Geodesic Dome, which already in 1950’s had worldwide recognition. He really believed in himself as someone that can make the World better.

Mr. Buckminster Fuller

Mr. Buckminster Fuller

What is of most interest for us right now is the term he created by adding the words “tensional integrity”: TENSEGRITY, and in biology this describes the state where a organism has elements that create tension and can handle traction and compression, which leads to a stable structure. Tensegrity is key to understand the subtle pathways that compose the Living Matrix. This tension resides in bones and specifically all connective tissue, which at the same time is displayed in a crystal lattice, so any stretch or compress will have a piezoelectric effect which will be dispersed along the whole.

Tensegrity is a very important structural feature of cells, shaping it according to the environment, developing a structural memory, this is why after a massage or other healing session we are told not to make strong movements or efforts, because of the structural memory of cells and tissues.

Even NASA is studying the development of tensegrity based robots called Super Ball Bot, which are ideal for planet landing and exploration. You can read that project by clicking here.

NASA's exploring robots applying tensegrity on the landing

NASA’s exploring robots applying tensegrity on the landing



Here comes another paradigm shift, and that is how the cell is represented in textbooks, like a soup with a nucleus in the middle, and all metabolites and proteins are dispersed along it. Which means that communication and reactions are just a matter of time when two molecules meet each other and match. But that is too simplistic. There is much more to this: there exists a highly organized cytoskeleton that connect all cellular matrix up to the nuclei, and, very importantly, this cytoskeleton crosses the cell membrane, so making a continuum through the extracellular matrix and the connective tissue system. This continuity is extended to every corner of our bodies. Living Matrix is the term accurately used by Dr. James Oschman, who is a researcher and author of one of the few scientific books available on Energy Medicine.

This living Matrix is composed of connective tissue, cytoskeletons, nuclear matrix and water layers.  It is a continuous semiconductor vibratory biopolymer network.

This global network, intranuclear, intracellular and extracellullar, has mechanical (sound and pressure), magnetic, electromagnetic and energetic conductance. Composed of thousands of fibrous pathways made of polymers, each one of the fibers is surrounded by a layer of water.

Dr. Oschman’s description of the living matrix at some point in his book is: a continuous and dynamic supramolecular webwork, a nuclear matrix (referring to the nucleus of all cells), within a cellular matrix within a connective tissue matrix (along the whole body). The properties of the whole net depend upon the integrated activities of all of the components. Effects on one part of the system can, and do spread to others.

It is a very refined, highly dynamic sofisticated architecture, which not only does support and structure….but sends and receives information. Or as Pienta said: is simultaneously a mechanical, vibrational or oscillatory, energetic, electronic, and informational network.

Maybe the simplest definition is that the Living Matrix is a semiconductor tensegrity web that is located everywhere in the body.

Living Matrix according to Oschman (left) and Pienta and Coffey (right)

Living Matrix according to Oschman (left) and Pienta and Coffey (right)

Another interesting scientist is Robert O. Becker. His work showed that living organisms and animals show a direct current of electric charge which is measurable from their body surface. He also described the properties of the connective tissue layer surrounding the nervous system, establishing that the perineural system has a different voltage. Specifically a Direct Current (DC) of low voltage, which is characteristic of wound-healing frequencies. So tissue healing is governed by an endogenous electrical current, if this current leaks from the skin as a result of loss of integrity (as in any wound) then a short circuit occurs. Then he suggested that the wound healing current goes by semiconduction. Finally, he also concluded that the perineural system is sensitive to magnetic fields.

We will examine one last publication regarding to this, Wan Ho and Knight found a common anatomical basis: an aligned, collagen liquid crystalline continuum in the connective tissues with layer of bound water supporting semiconduction of protons, functioning as a coherent whole. It is even interpreted by the authors as a “body consciousness”, compared to “brain consciousness”. The interesting part is that liquids have no molecular order, but liquid crystals have orientational order, and some degrees of translational order, and, unlike solid crystals, they are: flexible, malleable and responsive.

Article by Ho and Knight

Article by Ho and Knight

Common crystals arrange in basic forms, like the Platonic Solids, but liquid crystals have the capacity to undergo rapid changes in orientation or phase transitions when exposed to electric and magnetic fields, a feature that has been widely used in display screens. But, this is key and very important: they also respond to temperature.

Biologic liquid crystals carry static electric charge, and also are influenced by pH. All the next are examples of biologic liquid crystals in the human body:

  • proteins concerning the cytoskeleton
  • muscular tissue
  • connective tissue (which 70% is made of colagen)
  • nucleic acids (like DNA)


Collagen Triple Helix

Collagen’s Triple Helix

The electrical properties of collagen depend to a large extent on the bound water molecules. It’s importante to realize that collagen’s structure is a triple helix (as seen on image) and water has 3 possible interactions here:

  • bound water – molecules freely associated on the cilinder surface
  • interstitial water – molecules tightly bound within the triple helix of the molecule, and
  • free water – filling the spaces between fibers

Aproximately 50-60% of intracellular water is bound to the filaments, tubules and proteins that compose the cell structure and organization (this layout is also known microtrabecular lattice). This gives the cell a “solid-state” characteristic, which supports rapid conduction of positive charges. The conductivity is 100-fold more along than across the collagen fiber, then it’s conduction is from one tip of the helix towards the other tip.

Reaching this point, it’s interesting to realize what does the main oriental systems have to say about this. Click to go to the next page.