The Electromagnetic Human Field


In this post I will start explaining some basic concepts about electric currents, semiconduction and tensegrity, as they all seem to have lots to do with the correct flow of information in the body. Also will be reviewed the use of magnets as healing devices since Ancient Cultures up to the XVIth century with the figure of Franz Anton Mesmer. Then I will expose some of the first attempts to study and understand the electric body, and afterwards will present the actual knowledge about electromagnetic fields in living systems. Finally, the last part is an integration of all this scientific knowledge with the Vedic and Chinese Medical Systems. Let’s go!


It is known that any electric current flowing through a conductor produces a magnetic field around it. The direction of the current flow determines a polarity, with one end being negative and the other positive. Polarity is seen in practically everything. The Earth has polarity. The cells have polarity. The body as a whole has polarity. We will resume later that even meridians have polarity.

Dipole Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Field

The water molecule is a very common example of chemical polarity, and because it contains salt and diverse ions, then it makes it a very good electric conductor. We must remember we are 70% made of water.

Now, there exist two types of electric current, meaning the type of current flow:

  • Direct Current, developed commercially by Edison, where the electric charge flows only in one direction. Any battery appliance uses a DC.
  • Alternate Current, discovered by the great awesome amazing genius Nicola Tesla, where the charge shifts direction periodically, this is the one on every home and business.

Types of electric flow whether its AC or DC.

One last brief concept before getting into the real stuff. A material that can transport the electric charge is called a conductor, because it has electrons available, but an insulator lacks electrons to share, so the electric charge can’t go through there, this is called resistance. In between these two, exist the semiconductors, which are materials whose resistance is high but still lower than insulators, so it can carry electric charge under the adequate conditions, and most importantly: its conductance can be modulated by temperature. Semiconductors are the basic components of all modern electronics. Now let’s explore the electromagnetic human body.


Egyptians and Greeks used magnets as healing devices, as a matter of fact they were common tools of healers along History, but the last centuries have imposed mechanistic views of the human body and the art of Medicine that exiled anything involving invisible fields.

Like Tesla, the german physician Franz Anton Mesmer seems to be another outcast of mainstream science. According to his only disciple, he understood health as the free flow of the process of life through thousands of channels in our bodies. Illness was caused by obstacles to this flow, this matches the Oriental systems description of the human body. He started utilizing magnets in order to restore that flow, but later on, he realized that the use of his bare hands can make the same effect. Despite all his accomplishments, he never got recognition from scientific community. Even King Louis XVI sent a commission of experts, which included Antoine Lavoisier and Benjamin Franklin among others, with the conclusion that such flow doesn’t exist and all was product of imagination. So the magnetic realm of the human body was discarded of further study for a long time.

But some years later was the turn of electricity. One century after Mesmer’s death, the first important breakthrough was made when Einthoven invented the first practical Electrocardiogram in 1903, later on he was rewarded with the Nobel Prize in 1924. Since then, electric records of the Heart Dynamic have been widely accepted, and some other parts of the body were being studied. In 1924 Hans Berger recorded the first Electroencephalogram in his son’s scalp. And in 1939 Burge detected voltage changes in the body. Physical activity makes the body become more negative. Sleep has shown to produce a voltage decline. And anesthesia has a turn over the positive.

The heart is by far the greatest electric generator of all the body, also creating a magnetic field around the body. It creates electrical, sound, pressure, heat, light, magnetic and EM signals. Because the blood is a very good conductor of electricity, the whole of the circulatory system pulses with electricity each time the heart beats. Every organ of the body has its own field, even every cell. The Institute of Heart Math is making great developments into the integration of the electric and magnetic fields of the heart and its involvement to the well being.

The second-strongest source of electricity is the retina, which acts like a large battery that changes in polarity when light falls on it. The third-strongest field is that produced by the various muscles, with the larger muscles producing larger fields and tiny muscles, such as those that move the eyes, producing tiny fields.

The field of the brain is about a thousandth as strong as that of the heart. Even weaker are the evoked fields produced by the brain when a sensory stimulus is provided, such as a sound, a light, or a touch.

 So the main point here is that the overall field is a composite of all these fields made by the organs and muscles.

Nowadays mainstream science can’t ignore anymore this fact. The body emanates a gigantic electromagnetic field. If the body’s circuitry is electric (neural, blood and specially connective tissue), then it’s generating a magnetic field around it.

Human Biofield

It would be great if mainstream medicine finally applies all this information towards a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease and healing. The electromagnetic human field can give information of practically anything that happens in the body, even before the appearance of clinical symptoms, we are just missing the technology and knowledge. And here is when alternative therapies arise, covering this neglected area of allopathic medicine.



Hungarian physiologist and biochemist Albert Szent-György, did quite notable research throughout his life. While working at the University of Szeged he determined the structure of vitamin C and also found out how some energetic reactions occurr at intracelular level, he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1937, being the only hungarian resident in his country at the moment he was awarded the prize.

Szent Gyorgyi

Albert Szent Györgyi

He afterwards studied the muscle physiology and cancer methabolic pathways, but his greatest, most insightful ideas came in the field of quantum biology and for being the first one to imply that electronic semiconductivity might play an important role in biological systems. Unsurprisingly, an idea this radical had a total reject from scientific community, including Linus Pauling, who -half joking half telling collective scientific opinion- shouted into one’s of Szent Gyorgyi’s symposiums: Proteins are not semiconductors!

But nowadays it’s known that proteins and nucleotide stacks have semiconductor properties. Szent-György was right.

Biological electronics deals with the flows of much smaller particles than Na+ or K+ (which are the ions used by the neurons to send and receive messages). Bioelectronics deals with electrons, protons, and the spaces where an electron is missing, called a hole. Proton-jump conduction (or proton hopping) has beeen proven to be faster than neural conduction.

But the most amazing thing happens to DNA….. Jànos Ladik, continuing Szent Gyorgyi’s work, has made theoretical models where electronic semiconductivity occurs in several polymers and nucleotide stacks, inferring amongst other things, that DNA conductivity is dependent or modulated by water content, temperature and frequency. Yes, frequency.


Buckminster Fuller was one of those men ahead to its era. Inventor, author, architect, among other titles, he was quite a genius. He believed in solar and wind energies, in technology to the serve of the basic needs, where “omni-successful education and sustenance of all Humanity” is reached. Maybe his most known invention is the Geodesic Dome, which already in 1950’s had worldwide recognition. He really believed in himself as someone that can make the World better.

Mr. Buckminster Fuller

Mr. Buckminster Fuller

What is of most interest for us right now is the term he created by adding the words “tensional integrity”: TENSEGRITY, and in biology this describes the state where a organism has elements that create tension and can handle traction and compression, which leads to a stable structure. Tensegrity is key to understand the subtle pathways that compose the Living Matrix. This tension resides in bones and specifically all connective tissue, which at the same time is displayed in a crystal lattice, so any stretch or compress will have a piezoelectric effect which will be dispersed along the whole.

Tensegrity is a very important structural feature of cells, shaping it according to the environment, developing a structural memory, this is why after a massage or other healing session we are told not to make strong movements or efforts, because of the structural memory of cells and tissues.

Even NASA is studying the development of tensegrity based robots called Super Ball Bot, which are ideal for planet landing and exploration. You can read that project by clicking here.

NASA's exploring robots applying tensegrity on the landing

NASA’s exploring robots applying tensegrity on the landing



Here comes another paradigm shift, and that is how the cell is represented in textbooks, like a soup with a nucleus in the middle, and all metabolites and proteins are dispersed along it. Which means that communication and reactions are just a matter of time when two molecules meet each other and match. But that is too simplistic. There is much more to this: there exists a highly organized cytoskeleton that connect all cellular matrix up to the nuclei, and, very importantly, this cytoskeleton crosses the cell membrane, so making a continuum through the extracellular matrix and the connective tissue system. This continuity is extended to every corner of our bodies. Living Matrix is the term accurately used by Dr. James Oschman, who is a researcher and author of one of the few scientific books available on Energy Medicine.

This living Matrix is composed of connective tissue, cytoskeletons, nuclear matrix and water layers.  It is a continuous semiconductor vibratory biopolymer network.

This global network, intranuclear, intracellular and extracellullar, has mechanical (sound and pressure), magnetic, electromagnetic and energetic conductance. Composed of thousands of fibrous pathways made of polymers, each one of the fibers is surrounded by a layer of water.

Dr. Oschman’s description of the living matrix at some point in his book is: a continuous and dynamic supramolecular webwork, a nuclear matrix (referring to the nucleus of all cells), within a cellular matrix within a connective tissue matrix (along the whole body). The properties of the whole net depend upon the integrated activities of all of the components. Effects on one part of the system can, and do spread to others.

It is a very refined, highly dynamic sofisticated architecture, which not only does support and structure….but sends and receives information. Or as Pienta said: is simultaneously a mechanical, vibrational or oscillatory, energetic, electronic, and informational network.

Maybe the simplest definition is that the Living Matrix is a semiconductor tensegrity web that is located everywhere in the body.

Living Matrix according to Oschman (left) and Pienta and Coffey (right)

Living Matrix according to Oschman (left) and Pienta and Coffey (right)

Another interesting scientist is Robert O. Becker. His work showed that living organisms and animals show a direct current of electric charge which is measurable from their body surface. He also described the properties of the connective tissue layer surrounding the nervous system, establishing that the perineural system has a different voltage. Specifically a Direct Current (DC) of low voltage, which is characteristic of wound-healing frequencies. So tissue healing is governed by an endogenous electrical current, if this current leaks from the skin as a result of loss of integrity (as in any wound) then a short circuit occurs. Then he suggested that the wound healing current goes by semiconduction. Finally, he also concluded that the perineural system is sensitive to magnetic fields.

We will examine one last publication regarding to this, Wan Ho and Knight found a common anatomical basis: an aligned, collagen liquid crystalline continuum in the connective tissues with layer of bound water supporting semiconduction of protons, functioning as a coherent whole. It is even interpreted by the authors as a “body consciousness”, compared to “brain consciousness”. The interesting part is that liquids have no molecular order, but liquid crystals have orientational order, and some degrees of translational order, and, unlike solid crystals, they are: flexible, malleable and responsive.

Article by Ho and Knight

Article by Ho and Knight

Common crystals arrange in basic forms, like the Platonic Solids, but liquid crystals have the capacity to undergo rapid changes in orientation or phase transitions when exposed to electric and magnetic fields, a feature that has been widely used in display screens. But, this is key and very important: they also respond to temperature.

Biologic liquid crystals carry static electric charge, and also are influenced by pH. All the next are examples of biologic liquid crystals in the human body:

  • proteins concerning the cytoskeleton
  • muscular tissue
  • connective tissue (which 70% is made of colagen)
  • nucleic acids (like DNA)


Collagen Triple Helix

Collagen’s Triple Helix

The electrical properties of collagen depend to a large extent on the bound water molecules. It’s importante to realize that collagen’s structure is a triple helix (as seen on image) and water has 3 possible interactions here:

  • bound water – molecules freely associated on the cilinder surface
  • interstitial water – molecules tightly bound within the triple helix of the molecule, and
  • free water – filling the spaces between fibers

Aproximately 50-60% of intracellular water is bound to the filaments, tubules and proteins that compose the cell structure and organization (this layout is also known microtrabecular lattice). This gives the cell a “solid-state” characteristic, which supports rapid conduction of positive charges. The conductivity is 100-fold more along than across the collagen fiber, then it’s conduction is from one tip of the helix towards the other tip.

Reaching this point, it’s interesting to realize what does the main oriental systems have to say about this. Click to go to the next page.