Several scientists have pioneered in the difficult area of energy healing. So far we know that biofields, or electromagnetic energy human fields, are a strong part of ourselves. But the mechanisms of action remain unclear.

The Living Matrix

A new concept regarding semiconduction, tensegrity, and biologic liquid crystals, where the body communicates through connective tissue and the cellular cytoskeleton.

Extremely low frequencies

Evidence strongly suggests that healing energies are set in the 2-20 Hertz range. And a strong frequency emitted by humans is the one at 7.83 Hertz, just the same frequency that is the fundamental of the Schumann Resonances.

Fractal Matrix

The Living Matrix

Cells communicate and send signals along the cytoskeleton, crossing the cell membrane and reaching any part of the body through the connective tissue.
Geodesic Featured

Semiconduction and Tensegrity

These two concepts give rise to new physiological properties of cell structure and body communication.
Pseudoscience lists are hilarious

Seriously, some pseudoscience lists are hilarious

Medical Associations are confronting all medical practice not endorsed by their system. Problem being that useful therapies are being considered harmful.
biofield on cell culture

Avoiding Placebo: Biofield therapies on non-human recipients

In 2012 seven top-notch biofield scientists reunited in a Symposium which was part of the International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health in Portland, Oregon. They discussed the present and future of biofield research.
human frequencies energy level

Reiki and Cortisol

Even though the Relaxation Response is enhanced during a Reiki therapy, this doesn’t always mean a low cortisol level.
Reiki Treatment

Reiki and Pain management

Research on pain control and modulation when giving Reiki is giving promising -but still divergent- results.
energy healing summit

8 things I learned from the Soundstrue Energy Healing Summit

It's impossible to summarize all the knowledge offered at the Summit in just one list, so this is just a brief excerpt.
reiki science

Reiki Frequencies and Schumann Resonances

¿How does Reiki work? The scientific evidence suggests a tendency to believe that the channelling might have to do with low frequencies of the body.
Cell Electricity

The Electromagnetic Human Field

How electromagnetism exists in our bodies and what relationship does it have with Oriental systems of flow of Qi (also known as Chi, Prana or Vital Energy)