What is Consciousness?

Many theories and scientists deciphering what consciousness is. Theories about Consciousness.

How our reality is perceived, how our consciousness gives sense to every moment (even when the situation doesn’t make sense).


The effects of meditation on the brain and the body. How perception is clearer when meditating.

Quantum Theories and new molecules

To understand Consciousness, it seems key to listen what quantum theories are developing, as it is successfully uncovering the mechanisms of telepathy and teleportation, among others. (Recently, Chinese scientists teleported a photon towards the Earth’s orbit)

Also, neuromelanin has been rising high as it might have very important functions inside the brain.

entangled photons1

Entangled Photons - The Link between Intention and Matter

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has started an online study (Entangled Photons) where anyone anywhere can participate. You just need a device and an internet access.
neuromelanin human frequencies

Neuromelanin rising

At one of the far corners of tyrosine's methabolic pathway lays neuromelanin, a molecule that seems to have detoxifying properties.
magnetic star

How Ampere's Law helps me calm down the rational side of my mind

How Ampere's Law helps me seduce the rational part of my brain and convinces with science that energy is important.
zen and meditation

Zen and Meditation

Insights about the scientific discoveries regarding the effects of meditation on the brain, mind and well being. Origins and caracteristics of Zen.


What is Consciousness? How many different scientific fields and approaches are being done in order to understand it? Integration seems to be key.