My name is Eugenio Lepine. This website is a personal project that I have developed over the past months.

Eugenio LepineMy background is diverse. I was born and raised in Mexico City. I have always been interested in healing, psychology, and even philosophy, as well as arts, Buddhism, meditation and zen culture. After high school I chose to study Medicine (I was between that and Psychology). I knew I wanted to heal and help people, but wasn’t sure how. And Life is not a straight line, your expectations and interests start shifting, so I lost passion about Medicine. Specifically I wasn’t attracted at the actual mechanistic focus on Western Medicine. So the latter years I was studying at Hospitals and it kind of felt weird, like something is missing, and something big. So after 4 years at MedSchool I decided to drop it and start life from zero in a different place, which since 2004 is Barcelona, an incredible city and my actual home. 

I think Life goes more like in spirals. I still had the inner knowledge that I was going to become a healer, just not in the most orthodox way. And specially it has to be something that is also missing from allopathic western medical perspective. So first I had to shift my mechanistic way of reasoning that was taught at MedSchool. That is a type of reasoning that discards anything intangible, so afterwards I could be open to other types of therapies. It was when I started studying and practicing Reiki when I realized how much potential we have in ourselves, and anyone can develop it. Anyone. It really works out for me and my patients. It is really amazing and empowering to understand how oneself has the ability to heal the self and others.

So the spiritual part of my personality is pretty much well covered by Reiki and meditation practices. But I just cannot leave science out of my mind. The scientific method is humanity’s tool in order to uncover all the blind spots of our knowledge and understanding of the world. Quantum events and other theories (like those implying the existence of 11 dimensions) just state that we barely know anything of how everything works, even matter itself is 4% of the Universe, the rest of it we can’t even measure or identify.

Knowing this -the fact that we barely know anything-, we can resolve that there is so much to discover yet, about reality, about ourselves, and at the same time there are so many possibilities awaiting to be unveiled. And here I am, proudly presenting a website whose sources will be mainly scientific publications about Reiki and some other hands-on therapies, acupuncture, a bit of consciousness, and so on and so forth.

Hope you find them interesting.


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